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A military lock made by the US Navy and generally not available to the public, this is one of three versions of this dual custody lock.

Here is an older dual control padlock.  The military lock above requires the use of both keys in order to free the shackle but the Yale Bicentric lock below can be operated by either key or could be ordered to require both keys to operate.  Typically this lock was used for end users who had very large key systems and didn't want the security compromise created by master pinning.  One plug was usually KA in all locks and called the Master Key while the other plug was keyed to individual keys.  The same mechanism was available in mortise cylinders and knobsets and almost always used different keyways in each plug.

The US Post Office rents boxes located in the Post Office to the public so they can receive mail there instead of having it delivered to their home or business address.  When someone failed to pay the rent for their box this two piece key could be inserted into the keyway from the inside of the box.  That would prevent the user from inserting his box key from the outside until he paid the rent.  The two piece key here would pivot so that the hook on the end of the handle would fall into a hole in the bottom of the cylinder preventing anyone from pushing it out from the front.





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