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We've all been told that the first 'door lock' was a large stone rolled in front of the cave entrance, but research has discovered that the cave man probably didn't use a big stone to block the cave entrance. Instead he used a religious statue of Gia the Earth mother or some other Deity to guard the entrance while he was away.

The ancient Egyptians invented a type of pin tumbler lock made of wood and in the middle ages door locks became massive works of metal and in some cases works of art. The invention of the pin tumbler cylinder in the mid 1800's brought some improvements in security from the simpler warded locks commonly used in the US. The lever lock was also an improvement which has been mostly abandoned in the US but very widely used in the rest of the world.

Most collectable door locks are highly ornamented or have an unusual mechanism.

A decorative knob and lockset from Liberty Island.
Most likely German, hand made between 1600-1700 - Medieval, mounted w/working key.   VIDEO
DL1C-------------------------reserve not sold-----------------------------$220.00*
Again, most likely German, hand made 1600-1700 even though advertised as 1800's
DL1D-------------------------reserve not sold------------------------------$60.00*
7 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches tall
04/09-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Indy Show
Mounted Yale English bit key lock with trim, strike and key
Tough choice, could have been door lock, non-best logo, or railroad
NOS, a Bank Vault Day Gate lock made by Linus Yale Sr., one-of-a-kind with an original key.
 Stock Lock, Circa 1750, no key
Stock Lock, from a VA house built in 1735, no key
Stock Lock, Circa 1700, no key

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