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Trick locks have been around for centuries.  Generally they require some special knowledge in order to operate them and they were used most often with warded locks because the mechanism was so easy to compromise.  Generally there are special buttons to push, pull or slide to reveal a keyhole, or many require the use of different keys in a specific order and can be quite a puzzle to open even when all of the keys are available.  An irresistible enigma to many, I have a couple on my desk that I won't show the secret to unless you declare that you give up.

A Sinclair trick lock with a single trick, button on the bottom is pushed to release keyhole cover on front.


Use the tip of the key bit to push in the center of the bottom left 8 and the drop is released to show the real key hole.



The unusual trick with this lock is that the hidden keyhole on the left doesn't do anything except mislead you.  The keyhole under the drop is the correct one.

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