There are many different tools used by the locksmith in performing his work. Here you will find some that are current and some that have been out of production for many years.  Some types of tool not shown or for sale here are car opening tools and lock picks, so don't even ask.

A Genuine Medeco hand held key clipping machine. Made for the original product, it was the only machine that could cut Medeco keys in the field until the early 1970's. A trade-in program from the manufacturer caused most of them to be returned where they were destroyed. This one has been repaired but still works.
Hard bound and nearly and full of technical information, some of which has never been in print anywhere. Now out of print, a new larger version is available from Locksoft LLC.
Impressioning tool. Gives uniform light on key day or night. Light output is engineered to offer the best visibility at 4X magnification. Shipping and battery included in price.  Sorry, sold out.
A key micrometer from Europe designed to measure root depth of key cuts.

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